RCC Talk by Tom Peck 21st January

The club welcomed Tom Peck, who came to tell us what portraits really were, and it became clear that portraits are a far cry from the full face/looking straight at the camera images normally expected.  The talk took us from Rembrandt to selfies, and all in between, with special emphasis on the development of the portrait.

In addition to his own work, he covered the pioneer photographers such as Daguerre and Julia Margaret Cameron, through to the many experimental and adventurous workers of the 20th century. Images included Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and more, some examples could possibly not be classed as portraits, such as hands, babes in arms etc.   He stressed that portraiture is a “social reality” and there is often a story or a deeper meaning behind the images, that the viewer needs to think about and possibly wonder, and not dismiss as just a record shot.  Tom dealt with several interesting questions at the end of the session.

Tom Peck’s Website

Tom Way – Wildlife Photography Extraordinaire!

Friday 14th Feb. saw a return visit for Tom Way, a Buckinghamshire based photographer who spends most of his life abroad, mainly in Africa, obtaining stunning images of the animal inhabitants of that continent.  Members and guests were riveted by close ups of lions, tigers etc. etc. and intrigued to hear the trouble and time Tom takes to achieve these. He very much favours monochrome images, perhaps not quite what is normally expected in such locations, but he proved that this really works. 

Tom told his audience that he has not quite yet achieved the absolutely perfect image and is still trying, they looked pretty OK to us! He always ensures that all 4 legs are visible and that backgrounds are subdued by use of wide apertures i.e. f2.8 usually. He also runs courses and safaris, gives talks and has won several international  awards for his work. His style is fresh, informative, and entertaining in the best sense.

He has a repertoire of talks, so hopefully it will not be too long before we meet him again.

Tom’s Website