Your 3 PDIs need to be submitted 48 hours before each competition.
Registered members can upload PDIs using PhotoEntry in the Member’s Area 

(If you haven’t yet registered as a member you can do this from the Join Us
page – it’s quick and easy to do, and we’ll send you a confirmation email once
your application has been approved.  You’ll then have access to all the
topics in the Member’s area, including PhotoEntry)

  • In the Member’s Area, click on PhotoEntry which will open up a new tab – log in using the email address and password you registered to get into the Club website
  • click on the 2020-2021 competition group to go through to a list of all the competitions for this current season. You’ll then see under ‘status’ which competitions are open for entry, which have been judged, and which are in the future (so not yet open to enter)
  • Click on the competition you wish to enter images for then click ‘add new entry’
  • enter the title for your 1st image (just Image Title.jpg– no need to put your name). The ‘Entry Reference’ box is for your info only so you don’t need to put anything in it if you don’t want to
  • ‘Publish top images to Club Website’ – this is an important box. We like to publish high scoring images to the Club website but we need your permission to do so if your image has scored 18, 19 or 20. The options in the box are self explanatory so you just need to choose which one you want
  • ‘Add this entry’ – this screen tells you the title for your entry has been added and you now need to attach your image. Your images should be resized to no more than 1600 pixels wide (for landscape orientation images) x 1200 pixels high (for portrait orientation images).  Each image must be no larger than 10 MB.
  • Choose JPEG – clicking this box takes you to your computer files – you can navigate to where you store your images and choose the one you want to enter for the title you’ve given
  • Once the correct image title appears under the Choose JPEG box, click on Upload image
  • A box will appear with a thumbnail of your chosen image, and hopefully a green OK to confirm that the sizing and colour space (sRGB) are as specified. If any alterations are needed, use the icons on the right hand side of the box to edit, replace or bin
  • Once that’s all ok, click on the Add New Entry box to go through the process twice more until you’ve successfully added your three entries
  • When all three images are entered you’ll have a chance to change or modify them if you change your mind about your entries