We enter 8 PDIs into this annual competition (maximum 2 images from any one photographer), and the other 8 Clubs in our Division (Division 7) do the same. The selection of 72 PDIs then goes round all the Clubs in Division 7 where they’re assessed and marked by an SCPF Judge. At the end of the season the marks for each Club are added together and the clubs ranked from the highest down.


The Exhibition is held each year in Salisbury in January. This year the competition will be PDI only, and we’re waiting to hear further details from the Federation.

Joint Photographic Clubs of Reading

We enter 5 Prints and 5 PDIs into this competition each year (maximum 3 from any one photographer). The competition is hosted by a different club each year, and in 2021 it’s our turn! We’ve heard that the competition is going ahead this season and it’s booked for April but we don’t have any more information at the moment.

The 6 clubs that make up the JPCR are Reading, Burghfield, Whitchurch Hill, Wallingford, Woodley, and Wokingham & East Berks

8 x 8 x 8

Yateley Camera Club host this competition each year, but do not participate. Each of the 8 clubs participating enter 8 print images, each taken by 8 different photographers (so one image per photographer in each of the 8 clubs). We’re waiting to hear if the competition is going ahead this season, and if so what format it’s going to take