Les has 33 years of camera club experience and is a frequent judge of AV competitions.  We were pleased to welcome him as our first speaker of the season, gaining an insight into the world of AVs (audio-visuals). 

Les gave us a tour around his photo slideshow software package of choice –https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/. He showed us how he uses the Timeline bar to rearrange the images into the order he wants and set the transition time between images, also showing us the range of transition styles available.   The audio aspect of the presentation (music and commentary) is added via Audacity (https://www.audacityteam.org) – free to download software.  This software can adjust the volume and duration of multiple soundtracks.  Les told us he finds it extremely versatile for all styles of music and sound effects, plus spoken commentary.

Once we’d been through the technicalities, Les showed some of his AVs, which effectively took us on a virtual journey around the world.  We started in Venice during Carnival season with colourful and distinctive shots showing traditional Carnival costumes and masks.  We had a weekend in Paris, took a boat ride around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, got close to wildlife in Kruger National Park, marked the Evolution of Surfing (Beachboys music, of course) and waited – with Polar Bears – for the freeze in Churchill, Canada.  Bournemouth wasn’t forgotten (who knew seagulls could be so artistic?) and we had a brief trip to the Isle of Man.

Les was an interesting and informative speaker and he happily answered all our questions.  We came away feeling that we knew more about AV presentations and could fully appreciate the expertise that goes into putting them together.

Report written by Janet Marshall