Stella Fagg - Thirsty Comma

Stella Fagg - San Francisco Fire Hydrant

Stella Fagg - Don’t forget the Seasoning

marianne chandler - Dahlia in Pastel Colours

Stella Fagg - Stream running through Sulphur Mine, White Island

David Childs - Mount Etna Having A Coughing Fit

Stella Fagg - Sea Weed or Sea Monster

Nigel Holmes - Metropol Parasol

Len Quinn - A touch of Broadchurch

Len Quinn - A View to a Fall

Stella Fagg - Curious Concentration

Julian Le Patourel - That opera house again

Len Quinn - Pink Puffs of Roseate calm

Richard Keating - Tree with Cloud

David Watkins - Catching Flies

David Watkins - Catching flies

Richard Keating - 3 Grasses

Steven Day - Church Gates

Steven Day - Herring Gull

Drew Malloch - Towering Block

Drew Malloch - Dads Army HQ

Keith Hull - 3 Quadrants

Dorothy Wood - Low Sun on Christchurch Bridge

Stella Fagg - 93 Million Miles

Richard Keating - Bugatti Vent

Stella Fagg - Approaching Mt Cook

Bo Hansen - Here I go again

Bo Hansen - Hey, soul sister

Drew Malloch - Bumpy Ride

Drew Malloch - A Covid Hotel

Len Quinn - Camo Hat

Stella Fagg - Making an Entrance

Christine Lamb - Fobney Weir 2

Dorothy Wood - The Paper Shop

Bo Hansen - Musical Passion

Len Quinn - Deep Blue Pool Isolation

Ramesh Naik - Alium Seeds In Pods

Drew Malloch - The Cottages

marianne chandler - Pretty in Pink

Nigel Holmes - Preparing For Lockdown

Bo Hansen - Hocus Pocus

Bo Hansen - February

Stella Fagg - Imperfections in Glass

Bo Hansen - Sing me a song

Len Quinn - Abandoned on the shoreline

David Watkins - Catching Flies