Drew Malloch - Last out switch lights off

Nigel Holmes - Breakwaters

Ian Marshall - tea picker

Gill Bridgett - Masdar City

Bo Hansen - I can see your halo halo halo.

Nigel Holmes - Welcoming Light

Former Member - Please Dont Climb On Me

Ian Marshall - spotted orchid

Janet Beer - Morning sun rays

Janet Marshall - Lines and curves

Dorothy Wood - Beach Patterns

Richard Keating - View from above BahnhofCity Wein

Former Member - Snowglobe of childhood memories

Bo Hansen - Poker Face or I cant see his eyes said the judge

Richard Keating - Plaster Ceiling Decoration

Former Member - NO SURFING TODAY

Steven Day - The Shard

Steven Day - Evening Fishing

Janet Marshall - Rush hour at the temple

Steven Day - Millennium Bridge

Ian Marshall - harris hawk

Bo Hansen - All about that bass.

Former Member - BETTER TIMES

Former Member - QUESTION

Dorothy Wood - Light at the end of the tunnel

Former Member - Enclosed by Machines

Janet Marshall - Wake up The judge is here

Richard Keating - 4 Funghi

Former Member - Love to the sky

Ramesh Naik - Commentary On The Ceramics

Drew Malloch - Its That time of day

Pos Name Title Score Total Photo
1Former MemberBETTER TIMES 20
Former MemberSnowglobe Of Childhood Memories18
Former MemberLove To The Sky19
Former MemberExplosion16
Former MemberQUESTION19
Former MemberAll Plumbed In16
Former MemberEnclosed By Machines18
Former MemberPlease Dont Climb On Me18162
2Steven DayEvening Fishing19
Steven DayThe Shard19
Steven DayMillennium Bridge2058
3Ian MarshallSpotted Orchid19
Ian MarshallHarris Hawk20
Ian MarshallTea Picker1958
4Bo HansenPoker Face Or I Cant See His Eyes Said The Judge19
Bo HansenI Can See Your Halo Halo Halo.20
Bo HansenAll About That Bass.1857
5Nigel HolmesWelcoming Light20
Nigel HolmesSpanish Walls17
Nigel HolmesBreakwaters1956
6Janet MarshallLines And Curves18
Janet MarshallRush Hour At The Temple18
Janet MarshallWake Up The Judge Is Here2056
7Richard KeatingView From Above BahnhofCity Wein18
Richard Keating4 Funghi18
Richard KeatingPlaster Ceiling Decoration1955
8Drew MallochLast Out Switch Lights Off18
Drew MallochJimmy Shopping At Waitrose17
Drew MallochIts That Time Of Day1954
9Ramesh NaikAmber Nectar17
Ramesh NaikGo Easy With The Whip17
Ramesh NaikCommentary On The Ceramics1953
10Gill BridgettThe Courtyard17
Gill BridgettMasdar City18
Gill BridgettA Feathered Friend1752
11Dorothy WoodLight At The End Of The Tunnel18
Dorothy WoodBeach Patterns18
Dorothy WoodNo Customers1652
12Janet BeerMorning Sun Rays18
Janet BeerBoat No. 3.17
Janet BeerLilly Of The Valley1651
13Sarah SimmonsA Wet Day In Wales17
Sarah SimmonsA Giant At The Causeway16
Sarah SimmonsA Titanic Experience1750
14Dave WilderTree Connection17
Dave WilderHumber Crossing17
Dave WilderAutumn Tranquility1650