What a great evening – a record number of club members joining us via Zoom, and a friendly and personable judge in Kevin Day. The competition was in two halves – one trophy for the winner of the Print section and one for the winner of the PDI section. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if the trophies can be physically presented this season, but our Trophies Evening will certainly be factored into next season.

Our webmaster Bo Hansen managed the technicalities of the evening with his usual efficiency and Kevin commented that this was the first Zoom competition he’d judged where someone had the know-how to enable him to see all the images on the screen at the same time for his final assessment and awards.

Kevin considered our images carefully and made positive and encouraging comments drawing our attention only briefly to areas which might not have worked so well. He thanked the club for a very enjoyable evening; he commented that we’d presented him with a lot of good images, and we should all be proud of them.


1st place Ian Marshall – Tea Picker

2nd place Janet Marshall – Wake up, the Judge is here

3rd place Drew Malloch – Midnight Skyline

Highly commended

Bo Hansen – I can see your halo halo halo

Ian Marshall – Turner Contemporary


1st place Steven Day – Misty Morning

2nd place Drew Malloch – Cheers!

3rd place Bill Weaver – Waiting their Turn

Highly commended

Tony Dance – Skyline in Blue

Richard Keating – Porsche Spoiler

Janet Marshall – Watching and Waiting