14/08/2020 – David Keep ARPS, DPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP – Sports Images with Impact – moving beyond the record shot

David is an award-winning photographer based in Derbyshire whose work spans a wide range of photographic genres. Many of his images, including some fine underwater photography (and details of his workshops) can be found on his website https://www.davidkeepphotography.co.uk

21/08/2020 – Summer PDI Competition 3 – open subject

28/08/2020 – Simon Van-Orden Chasing the Lights

Simon has a particular passion for the spectacular phenomena of the Northern Lights.
His presentation provides an insight into this natural phenomenon, with images, personal anecdotes and advice on photographic techniques to capture them.

More of his work can be seen at

04/09/2020 – The Chairman presents … images from the Indian states of Goa and Gujurat