Friday 19th October 2018 – Another World, Another View presented by Ruari Cumming ARPS

Ruari, whose marvellous shows based around the Hebrides have been seen at the club, has now departed from the islands and travelled elsewhere. This presentation covered a wide variety of locations including Venice, Malta, through Sicily, via the last working tin mine in Cornwall, and of course, a brief look at the Hebrides. There was also a section on unusual gravestones, accompanied by music in the form of Bob Dylan’s ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’! By way of a change, we had a brief glimpse of old, rusting VW  camper vans at their own rally.

The audiovisual techniques that Ruari used to present his images were very advanced and produced stunning results, and even included short video sequences to enhance subjects like steam trains and a chairlift ride!

At the end of the evening, most members were feeling that they would like to jump on a plane and visit or re-visit some of the places we saw, such was the atmosphere the show created. We hope to see another of Ruari’s presentations in the not too distant future.

                                                                                                                                                                         Report contributed by Dorothy Wood

Friday 5th October 2018 – The Idle Rich – Leo Rambles On with Leo Rich

Leo Rich, who travelled from Salisbury, was the first guest speaker at the club’s new venue, St. Peter’s Hall, Earley. Leo, a colourful character, presented a delightful collection of images, at all times with great humour. He admitted that his presentation was indeed a ‘ramble’, and so took members to visit many different places, principally India, to see wildlife, the people and the landscapes. Starting with France, at the famous (and fictitious) Clochemerle, we of course had a laugh at the notorious ‘structure’ for gentlemen, followed by some intriguing wall paintings.

Leo then progressed to Africa, showing human and wildlife there, and finished with India, a country that he regularly visited. This was effectively a collection of shots of the locals in their national dress, and wildlife images of tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, and assorted reptiles to name but a few. He also poked fun at photographers with candid shots of them doing their ‘thing’ en masse, lots of long lenses poking over fences etc. We finally got to see the shot they were after! An interesting, humorous and thoroughly entertaining evening, with a good attendance, to which we were pleased to welcome several new members.