Our summer programme is now on.

All events are virtual via zoom except for walks.

You can join us this summer for a small fee of £7. This includes all the events listed below.

30/07/2021 – “It’s Not What You See, It’s What You Make “with Mike Martin AFIAP AWPF

Martin showcases some of his non-portrait photography with a step by step walk through making of some of his creative images using a live Photoshop demo, or sharing some of his creative projects during lockdown (as featured in the PAGB eNews for May 2020.) https://www.mikemartinphotography.co.uk/.


06/08/2021 – Create a Triptych

Steven Galvin gave us a presentation earlier this year where he discussed triptychs (created from three separate images or one image split into three). There’s a lot of information on the web and triptychs can readily be produced using Lightroom or Photoshop.Please submit the files to the website and we will discuss the images in the meeting.


13/08/2021 – Summer PDI Open Competition.

This evening’s judge is Mike Warren ARPS. This will be a fun competition and the judge will be asked to score as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Commended only.


17/08/2021 – Review of Last Fridays Competition

Join other members to look again at the PDIs entered in last Friday’s competition and discuss the images (and the judging!).


20/08/2021 – Member’s Social Evening

We will meet at 7.30pm at Caversham Court for a walk then meeting up at around 8.15-8.30pm in the Griffin pub. You are welcome to go straight to the pub if you prefer.


27/08/2021 – “Mongolia” with Julian Elliott

From the landscape to eagle hunters – take a journey across Mongolia from the famous Steppe landscape to the eagle hunters of the Altai region in western Mongolia. See more of Julian’s work at https://www.julianelliottphotography.com/


03/09/2021 – Member’s Social Evening

We will meet at 7.30pm at the University campus for a walk taking in Whiteknights lake


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