13/12/2019 – Print Competition 2

St Peter's Church Hall

Open subject

Judge: Graeme Sleeman

20/12/2019 – Christmas Dinner

Venue – Caversham Heath Golf Club, Mapledurham, RG4 7UT

03/01/2020 – Member’s practical evening

St Peter's Church Hall

Bo Hansen will be giving us an introduction to open-source (free) Lightroom alternatives and Janet Beer will show us how she mounts her prints.


10/01/2020 – Finding your ground

St Peter's Church Hall

Presenter: Ken Scott

A personal odyssey in la Alpujarra, an eclectic and inspiring region of Andalucía, Spain. Ken will show us landscapes, culture, stories and pure ‘seeing’. A sense of place; much more than a travelogue.

17/01/2020 – PDI Competition 3

St Peter's Church Hall

Set subject – Book and song titles.

Choose 3 well known songs or books from any era, and depict their titles photographically.  Please give your image the title you are illustrating.

Judge:  Martin Pickles


24/01/2020 – SCPF League Competition

St Peter's Church Hall

Judge: Chris Hutchinson

31/01/2020 – Print Competition 3

St Peter's Church Hall

Set subject – Reading in Black & White.

Take your camera into the town we all know so well and show us how it looks in monochrome.  The subject matter is wide – all buildings and streets, public spaces and people in town, but please keep within the boundaries of the Borough of Reading.

Make sure your image title tells the judge where in Reading it was taken (he or she might not have local knowledge)

07/02/2020 – Classic Wild Landscapes

St Peter's Church Hall

On this special evening we are thrilled to welcome David Boag – wildlife photographer, author, lecturer.  In David’s own words “I lecture regularly throughout the country to a wide variety of natural history, photographic and general interest audiences.   On numerous occasions I have spoken at major conferences for organisations such as the National Trust, the RSPB, British Trust for Ornithology and the Royal Photographic Society.”

Tonight, David will talk to us about Classic Wild Landscapes.
“After photos of family and friends, more pictures are taken of landscapes than any other subject, but so often the results are disappointing; a beautiful landscape image is not an easy photograph to achieve.  In this talk we will look at a variety of landscapes or habitat pictures, and whilst enjoying the scenery we will draw out of it various features that we can use to improve our photography. We can consider using our camera in a different way.”

There will be the opportunity for questions and discussion during the second half of the evening.

If you love to take landscapes but wonder why they’re often missing that ‘certain something’ you won’t want to miss David’s inspirational talk!  Tickets will be available from mid-October onward, and bookings can be taken via our website.
Ticket prices – Club Members £3.00 per person, non-members/guests £5.00 per person.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Non Members £5.00

14/02/2020 – Wildlife through a lens

St Peter's Church Hall

Presenter: Tom Way

In this talk Tom tells us what it takes to be a wildlife photographer.  He’ll talk about the importance of light, the right angles, and the emphasis on trying to compose a sellable image when looking through the lens. Tom describes his adventures over the last few years, taking wildlife images around the world and exhibiting them over the UK.  

21/02/2020 – PDI Competition 4

St Peter's Church Hall

Open subject

Judge: Julian Tubb

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