Membership fees are:
Full season member (September-May) £38.00
Half season member (January-May) £25.00
Student member: £21.00

There’s also a small charge at meetings of £2.00 per person to cover refreshments

Guests are welcome to come along for a couple of meetings at £3.00 a time while deciding if they’d like to join us

You must be a paid up member before you can enter any of our competitions

There are two ways for you to join us:
1. Open the membership form using the link below, fill in all the applicable fields, print the form, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the form

Click here to download, fill in and print our Membership form

2. You might prefer to complete your application here on the website; fill in the fields below, then click on ‘Register’.  We’ll send a notification email to tell you we’ve received it, and we’ll get back to you with log-in details once we’ve approved your application.  This log-in will give you access to the Members’ Area.

Data Protection Statement

Reading Camera Club will ensure that details relating to members’ telephone numbers, postal addresses and email addresses will only be available to the Committee members of the Club, to the designated manager of the Club website, and to the person overlooking the Club Facebook page. Such details will not be passed on to any other member of the Club or to any other individual or third party who is not affiliated to Reading Camera Club. Reading Camera Club will include only the member’s name and the image title when submitting images to external bodies for competitions outside Reading Camera Club