Janet Marshall LRPS - Taj explorers

Richard Keating - Bugatti Vent

Ian Marshall - harris hawk

Janet Marshall LRPS - Tom Quad

Steven Day - Millennium Bridge


Steven Day - Gadwall

Drew Malloch - Looking up

Steven Day - Saint Pauls

Drew Malloch - Last out switch lights off

Bo Hansen - All about that bass.

Drew Malloch - Its That time of day

Dorothy Wood - Light at the end of the tunnel

Len Quinn - Camo Hat

Janet Marshall LRPS - Rush hour at the temple

marianne chandler - Pretty in Pink

Steven Day - Twisted

Len Quinn - A touch of Broadchurch

Janet Marshall LRPS - On the prowl

Nigel Holmes - Metropol Parasol

Bo Hansen - Poker Face or I cant see his eyes said the judge

Bo Hansen - I can see your halo halo halo.

Stella Fagg - Thirsty Comma

Drew Malloch - Reading Bridge

Richard Keating - View from above BahnhofCity Wein

Nigel Holmes - Reflected Glory

Drew Malloch - Zig Zag

Dorothy Wood - Beach Patterns

Ian Marshall - spotted orchid

Richard Keating - 4 Funghi

Drew Malloch - Green Park at Dusk

Stella Fagg - Approaching Mt Cook

Janet Beer - Blue

Steven Day - The Shard

Bo Hansen - blue

Bo Hansen - Hocus Pocus

Bo Hansen - Hosier Street Pigeons

Steven Day - Herring Gull

Ramesh Naik - Commentary On The Ceramics

Bo Hansen - sir mix a lot

marianne chandler - Dahlia in Pastel Colours

Bo Hansen - Hey, soul sister

Bo Hansen - Market Place Roadworks

Drew Malloch - Dads Army HQ

Steven Day - Evening Fishing

Nigel Holmes - Seville Loop the Loop

Nigel Holmes - Preparing For Lockdown

Nigel Holmes - Breakwaters

Bo Hansen - Here I go again

Richard Keating - Plaster Ceiling Decoration

Stella Fagg - 93 Million Miles

Janet Marshall LRPS - When green turns to gold

Janet Marshall LRPS - Lines and curves

Janet Marshall LRPS - Wake up The judge is here

Janet Beer - Morning sun rays

Gill Bridgett - Masdar City

Nigel Holmes - Welcoming Light

Ian Marshall - tea picker

Drew Malloch - The Cottages

Drew Malloch - A Covid Hotel