Pos Name Title Score Total Photo
1Former MemberBalance Pointjpg17
Former MemberUnderstanding Art16
Former MemberOne Step Closer18
Former MemberColourful Daytime Moths16
Former MemberA Glimpse Of Cornwalls Past18100
2Dave WilderWeir In The Sky20
Dave WilderOld Steps19
Dave WilderLight Through Art1958
3Dorothy WoodRushing Over The Rocks18
Dorothy WoodDo You Like My Hat18
Dorothy WoodThe Old West Pier1955
4Janet BeerResting16
Janet BeerAutumn Colours20
Janet BeerBullrushes1955
5Ramesh NaikSave Your Kisses For Me17
Ramesh NaikI Ain’t Buying No Water20
Ramesh NaikSynagogue Colours Budapest1754
6Drew MallochCosy Corner In The Library16
Drew MallochIt’s Ten To Two20
Drew MallochSanta Hard At Work1753
7Bo HansenMight As Well Jump19
Bo HansenPointing Aviator18
Bo HansenLindisfarne1552
8Steven DayParty Haus18
Steven DayLow Flying17
Steven DayA Bird In The Hand1752
9Richard KeatingWells Cathedral Looking East18
Richard KeatingCould Do With A Pie Copy16
Richard KeatingClevedon Pier Slipway1751
10Karen RobertsSeed Ball17
Karen RobertsHigh & Dry16
Karen RobertsThree Of A Kind1750
11Chris PriorLight & Shade17
Chris PriorJapanese Gold18
Chris PriorAfter The Rain1550
12Nigel HolmesPaper Thin16
Nigel HolmesUnderneath The Arches17
Nigel HolmesFelixstowe Docks1750
13Sarah SimmonsFormal Garden17
Sarah SimmonsPast It15
Sarah SimmonsDid Someone Say Cake?1749
14Marianne ChandlerBubbles18
Marianne ChandlerLittle Church14
Marianne ChandlerSpikey1648
15Piers SmithJust Be, In The Now14
Piers SmithReflective14
Piers SmithPoppy1543