Shoot A Theme

Last Friday’s meeting at Reading Camera Club was our annual Shoot A Theme competition. Members choose a them and submit up to 5 PDIs (projected digital images) on that theme to show on the evening. The competition is always very friendly and positive and the pictures are judged by the members themselves.

The panels of images are judged as a whole so consistency and the relevance of each of the images to the panel theme are key. A wide range of subjects and treatments were shown from a minimalist interpretation of a Greek church to nature shots.

David Patterson

Another was a very fine sequence showing kingfisher behaviour catching and eating a fish which proved to be the eventual winner.

Marilyn Taylor

Other panels featured travel (including a very atmospheric set of the Golden Gate Bridge), local scenes (with one of a steam fair in Reading), and some Prog Rock drummers in action.

June Hanson
Christine Lamb
Bo Hansen

Next week’s meeting is a talk “How to Break into Sports Photography with Rod Sloane”. Rod will be speaking at our usual meeting place in Earley but can also be followed on Zoom.