PDI Competition 8 April 16th

42 Images was submitted, and judged by Peter Markwick. Once again we had a lot of high scoring images with 7 photos achieving a maximum score of 20. Stella Fagg managed the impressive task of scoring a 20 on all of her images, and was the clear winner of the competition. David Childs were runner up, while Drew Malloch secured the 3rd place.


MemberOverall Score
Stella Fagg60!
David Childs56
Drew Malloch55
Dorothy Wood54
Janet Marshall54
Stella Fagg – Imperfections in Glass
David Childs – Mount Etna Having A Coughing Fit
Drew Malloch – Towering Block
Stella Fagg – Curious Concentration
Richard Keating – Tree with Cloud
Bo Hansen – Sing me a song
Stella Fagg – Sea Weed or Sea Monster

Brian Hodgson Trophy

Doors and Entrances was the set topic for this season’s Brian Hodgson Trophy competition. 17 members took part and were judged by Daan Olivier. Out of the 51 images submitted Daan held back 15 images, which indicates the high standard of the photos submitted. In the end 2 photos got commended and 2 highly commended in addition to the top 3 places.


This year’s winner of the Brian Hodgson Trophy was Janet Marshall LRPS with Deliveroooxford. Runner up was Steven Day with Church Gates, and Stella Fagg’s Making An Entrances secured her third place.

Janet Marshall LRPSDeliveroooxford1st
Steven DayChurch Gates2nd
Stella FaggMaking An Entrance3rd
Bo HansenShame About The Plain DoorsHC
Bo HansenPark GateHC
Janet Marshall – Deliveroooxford
Steven Day – Church Gates
Stella Fagg – Making an Entrance
Bo Hansen – Shame About The Plain Doors
Bo Hansen – Park Gate

Robert Harvey – Notes and Links

Robert Harvey has been in touch after last Friday’s talk. He wanted to thank us for the warm welcome he received. He continues:

I would be very pleased for Reading Camera Club members to join Inspirational Outdoor Photography on Facebook.

I have wildlife, landscape and astrophotography tours which will be operating again from June. Details can be found here.

I would also welcome club members on my mailing list to receive my newsletter four times a year. Subscribers will be invited to a pre-publication offer price on my next book “Britain’s Best Landscapes and How To Photograph Them“. To subscribe, members may visit my website.

PDI Competition 5 February 5th

48 entries by 16 members was entered into the competition. Julian Tubb rated our images very highly, 20 of the entries scored a 18 or above. Len Quinn and Stella Fagg were joint winners with Janet Marshall securing the third place.


MemberOverall Score
Stella Fagg58
Len Quinn58
Janet Marshall55
Keith Hull54
Bo Hansen54
Len Quinn – Pink Puffs of Roseate calm
Stella Fagg – San Francisco Fire Hydrant
Len Quinn – Abandoned on the shoreline
Janet Marshall – The night market
Keith Hull – 3 Quadrants

SCPF League results 2020-2021 so far

All Clubs  Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
Reading72      2nd65      3rd69      3rd65.5     1st63.5     6th67.5     5th
Dorset Light67.5    6th63.5    6th65.5    7th 57       9th59       9th66.5     6th
Burghfield69       4th53.5    7th69.5    2nd60       7th63.5     5th     65.5     7th
Focus Ryde67.5     7th61.5     8th63.5     8th61       6th61.5     7th70       3rd
Hungerford73        1st69.5     1st72.5     1st61.5    5th71.5     1st71       1st
Lambourn66        9th65.5    2nd66        6th64      2nd64      4th70       2nd
Woolston68        5th60.5     9th58        9th60       8th69.5     5th64.5     9th
Boundary67        8th64        4th69       4th63.5    4th65       3rd69.5     4th
Cricklade70       3rd64        5th67       5th63.5    3rd67.5     7th65        8th

Although we came 5th in the last round, we’re in 2nd place overall after Hungerford, who seem to be on a bit of a roll. Three competitions to go, so keep your eyes peeled!

Individual scores for our images

  Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd.6
Judge Keven SandellCarl ReeveMartin PicklesJim OwersPaul BradleyZaid Meharall
Abandoned at Pin MillNigel Holmes887.58.578.5
Harris HawkIan Marshall10810989.5
It’s That Time of DayDrew Malloch97.56.58.589
Kings Cross StationJanet Marshall LRPS8.591089.58
Beach PatternsDorothy Wood9777.579
Midnight SkylineDrew Malloch89.5108.57.58
Millennium BridgeSteven Day108.59.58.588
Wake up the Judge is HereJanet Marshall LRPS9.57.58.578.57.5
Total 72656965.563.567.5
Position 2nd3rd3rd1st6th5th

Adrian McGarry iTakes Talk links

On Friday 11th of December we had the pleasure of a zoom talk from Adiran McGarry, on photographing / editing purely uses a smart phone. It was a well attended and appreciated talk. Adrian has shared some links to the tools he uses below:

The promised links to the list of iOS apps that I featured in my talk (and a few others) which can be found at: https://www.adrianmcgarry.com/iphone-takes/my-top-iphone-photography-apps

Some Android alternatives to consider are:

An alternative for photo-resizing is https://www.image-size.com/
Filmic Firstlight is a newer camera app on Android and iOS. It’s a full manual camera with exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and more. It also supports RAW photos, has a live histogram, and more.  https://www.filmicpro.com/products/firstlight/
Long exposure app  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.longexposure2
I cannot vouch for the compatibility or quality of Android apps.

I was asked if Snapseed was available on Surface Pro – I promised to look into this and I still think the answer is no. There appear to be ways to run it as a Chrome extension or with an Android emulator but I can’t provide further information.

I promised a link to the Shoulderpod S1 combined grip and tripod mount. It is compatible with virtually any smartphone model with or without a case. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shoulder-S1-Smartphone-Photography-Tripod-black/dp/B00MAARLT6/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=shoulderpod&qid=1583878455&sr=8-2
My Zoom WorkshopsLearn iPhone Photography At HomeTo show my appreciation for booking me to present to your club, I can offer an exclusive 25% discount for all members on the above workshop. The voucher code of RDG25 will be valid for use until 13/12/20 and is based on availability of spaces.

How To ArticlesI publish regular articles on my iTakes blog.https://www.adrianmcgarry.com/iphone-takes

SCPF League rounds 1-4

Hungerford are currently in the lead, and we’re just 1 point behind.

Harris HawkIan Marshall10.
Abandoned at Pin MillNigel Holmes8.
Wake up the Judge is HereJanet Marshall9.
Midnight SkylineDrew Malloch8.09.510.08.5
Kings Cross StationJanet Marshall8.
It’s That Time of DayDrew Malloch9.
Beach PatternsDorothy Wood9.
Millennium BridgeSteven Day

PDI Competition 3 December 4th

20 Members attending the zoom meeting for our third PDI competition of the seasons. Maria Leekblade, our judge for the evening, commented several times on the high quality of our images awarding 11 of the entries a score 18 or above. Maria was very knowledgeable and was helpful, providing tips and tricks on how we could improve our images. The competition was an open subject topic and there were 42 entries.


The overall winner, with two images scoring 20, was Nigel Holmes. Second was Janet Marshall LRPS and Len Quinn. 4th place went to Drew Malloch, while Stella Fagg and Bo Hansen shared 5th place.

MemberOverall Score
Nigel Holmes56
Janet Marshall LRPS55
Len Quinn55
Drew Malloch54
Stella Fagg53
Bo Hansen53
Nigel Holmes – Metropol Parasol
Janet Marshall – On the prowl
Drew Malloch – Dads Army HQ
Nigel Holmes – Preparing For Lockdown
Bo Hansen – Hey, soul sister
Stella Fagg – Approaching Mt Cook
Bo Hansen – Here I go again
Marianne Chandler – Dahlia in Pastel Colours
Richard Keating – Bugatti Vent
Drew Malloch – A Covid Hotel
Janet Marshall – Tom Quad

SCPF League Rounds 1-3

Harris HawkIan Marshall10.08.010.0
Abandoned at Pin MillNigel Holmes8.08.05.5
Wake up the Judge is HereJanet Marshall9.57.58.5
Midnight SkylineDrew Malloch8.09.510.0
Kings Cross StationJanet Marshall8.59.010.0
It’s That Time of DayDrew Malloch9.07.56.5
Beach PatternsDorothy Wood9.07.07.0
Millennium BridgeSteven Day

SCPF League Rounds 1-2

Those of us who Zoomed in on Friday night for our round of the SCPF League competition will know that we came third out of the 9 clubs in our Division.  We came second in the previous night’s round held in Burghfield!  It’s a good start for us and we hope for more of the same for the other rounds.  As always, different judges mark very differently – here’s what scores I have for our submitted images (chosen by members) for the Burghfield round and for the Reading round. 

Harris HawkIan Marshall10.08.0
Abandoned at Pin MillNigel Holmes8.08.0
Wake up the Judge is HereJanet Marshall9.57.5
Midnight SkylineDrew Malloch8.09.5
Kings Cross StationJanet Marshall8.59.0
It’s That Time of DayDrew Malloch9.07.5
Beach PatternsDorothy Wood9.07.0
Millennium BridgeSteven Day 10.08.5