PDI Competition 3 December 4th

20 Members attending the zoom meeting for our third PDI competition of the seasons. Maria Leekblade, our judge for the evening, commented several times on the high quality of our images awarding 11 of the entries a score 18 or above. Maria was very knowledgeable and was helpful, providing tips and tricks on how we could improve our images. The competition was an open subject topic and there were 42 entries.


The overall winner, with two images scoring 20, was Nigel Holmes. Second was Janet Marshall LRPS and Len Quinn. 4th place went to Drew Malloch, while Stella Fagg and Bo Hansen shared 5th place.

MemberOverall Score
Nigel Holmes56
Janet Marshall LRPS55
Len Quinn55
Drew Malloch54
Stella Fagg53
Bo Hansen53
Nigel Holmes – Metropol Parasol
Janet Marshall – On the prowl
Drew Malloch – Dads Army HQ
Nigel Holmes – Preparing For Lockdown
Bo Hansen – Hey, soul sister
Stella Fagg – Approaching Mt Cook
Bo Hansen – Here I go again
Marianne Chandler – Dahlia in Pastel Colours
Richard Keating – Bugatti Vent
Drew Malloch – A Covid Hotel
Janet Marshall – Tom Quad