PDI Competition 8 April 16th

42 Images was submitted, and judged by Peter Markwick. Once again we had a lot of high scoring images with 7 photos achieving a maximum score of 20. Stella Fagg managed the impressive task of scoring a 20 on all of her images, and was the clear winner of the competition. David Childs were runner up, while Drew Malloch secured the 3rd place.


MemberOverall Score
Stella Fagg60!
David Childs56
Drew Malloch55
Dorothy Wood54
Janet Marshall54
Stella Fagg – Imperfections in Glass
David Childs – Mount Etna Having A Coughing Fit
Drew Malloch – Towering Block
Stella Fagg – Curious Concentration
Richard Keating – Tree with Cloud
Bo Hansen – Sing me a song
Stella Fagg – Sea Weed or Sea Monster