It is with a heavy heart that we have to cancel our Friday Club meetings for the foreseeable future, owing to the coronavirus outbreak.We hope to be in touch before too long to announce that we’re able to restart, but realistically speaking this might not be until the new season begins in September.

We’ll keep you posted. Keep those shutters clicking in the meantime – we don’t want to get rusty!

Tom Way – Wildlife Photography Extraordinaire!

Friday 14th Feb. saw a return visit for Tom Way, a Buckinghamshire based photographer who spends most of his life abroad, mainly in Africa, obtaining stunning images of the animal inhabitants of that continent.  Members and guests were riveted by close ups of lions, tigers etc. etc. and intrigued to hear the trouble and time Tom takes to achieve these. He very much favours monochrome images, perhaps not quite what is normally expected in such locations, but he proved that this really works. 

Tom told his audience that he has not quite yet achieved the absolutely perfect image and is still trying, they looked pretty OK to us! He always ensures that all 4 legs are visible and that backgrounds are subdued by use of wide apertures i.e. f2.8 usually. He also runs courses and safaris, gives talks and has won several international  awards for his work. His style is fresh, informative, and entertaining in the best sense.

He has a repertoire of talks, so hopefully it will not be too long before we meet him again.

Tom’s Website

PDI 1 Competition – 11th October 2019

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Our first PDI competition of the 2019/2020 season was judged by Daan Olivier FRPS AFAIP (–Contemporary-16052018—Daan-Olivier-FRPS). Originally from South Africa, Daan brought his warmth and good humour to judging an open subject with close to 60 images. He provided some constructive feedback covering composition and post-processing. Our Webmaster Bo Hansen was the evening’s winner, scoring 55 out of a possible 60 marks.

Friday 27th September – an evening of Audio-Visual with Les Spitz

Les has 33 years of camera club experience and is a frequent judge of AV competitions.  We were pleased to welcome him as our first speaker of the season, gaining an insight into the world of AVs (audio-visuals). 

Les gave us a tour around his photo slideshow software package of choice – He showed us how he uses the Timeline bar to rearrange the images into the order he wants and set the transition time between images, also showing us the range of transition styles available.   The audio aspect of the presentation (music and commentary) is added via Audacity ( – free to download software.  This software can adjust the volume and duration of multiple soundtracks.  Les told us he finds it extremely versatile for all styles of music and sound effects, plus spoken commentary.

Once we’d been through the technicalities, Les showed some of his AVs, which effectively took us on a virtual journey around the world.  We started in Venice during Carnival season with colourful and distinctive shots showing traditional Carnival costumes and masks.  We had a weekend in Paris, took a boat ride around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, got close to wildlife in Kruger National Park, marked the Evolution of Surfing (Beachboys music, of course) and waited – with Polar Bears – for the freeze in Churchill, Canada.  Bournemouth wasn’t forgotten (who knew seagulls could be so artistic?) and we had a brief trip to the Isle of Man.

Les was an interesting and informative speaker and he happily answered all our questions.  We came away feeling that we knew more about AV presentations and could fully appreciate the expertise that goes into putting them together.

Report written by Janet Marshall

Friday 24th May 2019 – trophy presentations and end of season social

The 2018/19 club season closed with a very enjoyable and relaxed evening to present all the trophies and medals for the season. Chairman Ramesh Naik did the honours, apart from the medals that he won, which were presented to him by Bill Weaver, a longstanding and loyal member. The lady members were particularly successful in taking 5 of the 7 winners’ awards.
They were – Kay White (on the left), a new member this season, who took the quarterly PDI trophy, Photograph of the Year (PDIs) and Shoot A Theme awards.
Janet Marshall (centre), Club secretary, won the quarterly print competition plus the Chandler Cup for the overall winner of the quarterly print and PDI competitions.
Male members were represented by Drew Malloch who took the Photograph of the Year award for prints, and also the Brian Hodgson trophy for prints. In addition, silver and bronze medals were presented for members taking second and third places in each competition.
There was a display of this season’s prints for members to peruse again, and a delightful buffet provided by Marianne Chandler, Sarah Simmonds, Dave Sherwood, and last but not least, Ramesh Naik, whose wife very kindly prepared some delicious cakes. Grateful thanks to all those involved with this.
Thanks must go to our chairman Ramesh for steering a very successful ship once again, and we look forward to next season, which opens on 13th September

Friday 3rd May 2019 – Photograph of the Year

This evening brought the 2018/19 season of competitions to a close. The purpose of this particular contest is for members’ best work of the season to be re-submitted for a final judging and selection of the best images of the year. As a result, we viewed again some of this season’s highest marked entries, which were expertly assessed by the eminent photographer Alan Colegrave, who travelled from Pinner. Alan is a semi professional photographer who produces some very different work, not to mention his video productions. This was an interesting and well filled evening, particularly with a large print entry which kept Alan very busy.
The lucky winners were –
        1st   Drew Malloch – with an original and well contrived still life of pencils.
        2nd  Bill Weaver – with a stunning sunset
        3rd  Ramesh Naik (our chairman) with a shot of a storm over the South Bank
Projected digital images 
        1st    Kay White – showing the pianist at St Pancras station
        2nd  Janet Marshall – a monochrome image of Tenerife Auditorium
        3rd  Sarah Simmonds – proving that a still-life shot can be created from vegetables

The club’s AGM takes place on May 17th, with the final meeting of the season on May 24th with our trophy presentations and a social event. Once again a successful season, in which we have been joined by a large number of new members.

Friday 1st March 2019 – A New Digital Adventure, with Colin Harrison.

Making a first visit to the club, Colin, who has a considerable number of photographic qualifications, most importantly FRPS, proceeded to astound members with his amazing surreal type photography. His speciality is montaged images, combining features from several other images to give weird and wonderful results. Many of these images are extremely humorous, and the audience spent a large part of the evening chuckling. The images were interspersed with on-screen warnings such as “viewing these images may damage your health”  and images purporting to be issued by “the ministry of peculiar pictures”. Colin also gave the club a few clues as to how he achieves his results, i.e. layers in Photoshop, other software plugins for Photoshop, including Redfield Fractalius, which in the main adds various kinds of feathery effects. He also likes to add snow effects, and how he does this is explained on his website.

This was a most enjoyable, fascinating evening, even if the feeling was that these images went a little beyond the world of true photography, and would possibly have the average camera club judge a little bemused. Colin concluded the evening with a short A/V sequence entitled “Colours of the Wind”, with some compelling abstract images.
We hope to see Colin again soon.
                                                                      Report by Dorothy Wood

22nd February 2019 – 65 years of (South) Reading Camera Club

The photographic society now known as Reading Camera Club this year celebrated its 65th anniversary with a social evening looking back at the history of the club. Originally formed in 1954, and then known as South Reading Camera Club, it recently changed its name to reflect the greater catchment area which it serves. Members old and new enjoyed short talks from members, displays of members’ work, a collection of cameras dating from the 1950s, and a chance to see photography the ‘old’ way, with sequences of projected slides provided by members, some of whom have been members for over 40 years. The evening was part of the club’s ‘Sapphire’ sequence of events, which included our highly successful Robert Canis evening, held earlier in the year.