PDI Competition 4 Results

The competition had 52 entries and was judged by Chris Whiting. David Belcher and Drew Malloch came joint first, while the two Hans(e)ons shared the third place.

David Belcher54
Drew Malloch54
June Hanson53
Bo Hansen53
Andrew Fagg52
Len Quinn52
Stella Fagg52

High scoring Images

Andrew Fagg – Icelandic Ptarmigan
Stella Fagg – Mud Pots
Drew Malloch – I think I need to see a chiropodist
David Belcher – Holiday Home
June Hanson – Winter Trees By The Thames
Len Quinn – Sneaking past the Great Blue Heron
Engaging the crowd

PDI 3 Competition Results

DR Paul Hendley LRPS was our judge for the evening and he had a record breaking 62 entries to judge. In the end, once again, joint winners in June Hanson and David Belcher.

June Hanson56
David Belcher56
Len Quinn55
Stella Fagg53
Peter Ruczynski52
PDI 3 Results

Top Scoring Images

Len Quinn – The Ibis carry out a Moon fly by
June Hanson – Winter Trees in Sonning
David Belcher – The Holly and the Ivy
Drew Malloch – View from the tree window
June Hanson – King and Players
David Belcher – Getting too Close

PDI 2 Competition Result

Another new record number of entries. 60 photos was judged by Suzannah Jordan and in the end we had joint winners in Karen Roberts and Marilyn Taylor. The quality in this round was exceptional with 9 images scoring 20 points.

Karen Roberts58
Marilyn Taylor58
Stella Fagg57
Ramesh Naik55
Andrew Fagg54
PDI 2 Results

Top scoring images

Stella Fagg – Squall coming..
Ramesh Naik – Late Developer
Andrew Fagg – Landmannalaugar Reflections
Drew Malloch – Feed Me
Karen Roberts – Brisk walk home

PDI 1 Competition Results

The first competition of the 2021/2022 season saw a record breaking number of 19 members submitting 57 photos to be judged by Graeme Sleeman. When the scores were tallied Len Quinn emerged as the overall winner, with David Belcher and Marilyn Taylor tying for 2nd place.

Len Quinn55
David Belcher53
Marilyn Taylor53
David Childs52
Stella Fagg51
Peter Ruczynski51
Dorothy Wood51

Full results for members

High scoring photos

David Belcher – I Know it’s in here
David Childs – Trying a Sweep Shot
Stella Fagg – Seen You!
Richard Keating – Corroded latch
Len Quinn – Red Deer Stag having a Vape
Composite photo showing the same person three times in the same photo

Practical Tuesday 28th September

In our first practical Tuesday we will talk about basic layers in Photoshop (these techniques will be similar in all photo-editing software with layers. Layers are the basis for almost all advanced processing of photos.

We will also go through basic tasks such as resizing images and setting the colour-profile for uploading photos to various competitions etc.

Please also bring any and all questions you have on any aspects of photography and as a group we will try to answer them.

Reading Camera Club 2021/22 Season

This season is bigger than ever. In addition to our normal programme we are introducing practical Tuesdays. The last Tuesday of each month will allow members to share their secrets on lighting setups, photoshop tricks, locations, camera techniques etc. You can also ask questions on any topic and the members will pool their knowledge and try to help you with your specific issue.

Our competitions this years will follow the established format of six open and two set subject competitions. As usual we will also have Photograph of the Year and the Brian Hodgson Tropy. There are also more informal competitions like Shoot a Theme and Lucky Dip. And yes our popular let us complain about the judge/review the last competition evenings will continue.

The guest speakers this season will cover a wide gamut of topics. From flower photography to Industrial landscape photography, with pit-stops like How to progress from Amateur to Professional, and Dynamic Composition in Street Photography along the way. 

And there is more, see the full programme is available on the website.

If you want to try before you buy, we will be offering guest memberships which will allow you to access the next two meetings from when you sign up.

The new season starts on September 10th with Carol McNiven Young’s (FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE4*) talk on “Creative Studio Portraiture”. On September 17th we will have a talk by Ashley Franklin ARPS, ABPPA, APAGB on how he went from amateur snapper to offering a wide spectrum of professional services.

All meetings will be via zoom. There is a chance we will return to the hall after Christmas but you will still be able to join in via zoom.

I hope you consider joining us again this year as a member.

Nasturtiums - Marianne Chandler

Royal Berkshire Hospital Exhibition

The Royal Berkshire Hospital has, for some years now, invited Photographers and Artists to exhibit their work on the wall panels in the South Wing of the hospital. Exhibitors are allowed to show their work for a period of six weeks and Reading Camera Club members have been given the opportunity to exhibit their photographs (mounted, framed and safely secured onto the panels) from the 4th of June to August 28, 2021.

You can visit the Exhibition free of charge at any time during the day or evening by going to the South Wing of the hospital where you will find the panels outside the entrance to Outpatient 1 and adjacent to the coffee/tea bar (which is open to members of the public). You will be able to purchase any of the mounted images (without the frames) if you wish to do so. Information regarding price and details about how you can make the purchase is clearly displayed on the panel. 25% of the price paid will be donated to the hospital charity fund. Please make some time to visit our hospital and support the Exhibition.